Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Wardukes of Hazard

The Duke dress code runs in the family

For Throwback Thursday we give a nod to the ultimate 1980s fighter of badassery: Warduke. I wanted him immediately upon seeing the action figure as a kid. Winged helm, glowing eyes, and mostly eschewing armor – he was awesome! My first real look at Warduke in terms of his game stats was XL-1: Quest for the Heartstone (TSR, 1984) which I must have played over and over with various friends throughout the years. 

Warduke was featured in an episode of the animated D&D cartoon show called "In Search of the Dungeon Master" which I could not wait to see any time it aired. Now my own kids enjoy the old D&D cartoon without having to wait for Sunday morning. Warduke is a favorite with them because he "has a sword that can freeze things". There is some additional great background information here in the D&D Alumni post of 2006. When it comes to old school D&D nostalgia Warduke is absolutely an icon of the game. 

If you are looking for a cameo villain for your game night Warduke is your man! What could be better then an evil fighter who makes a living working as a bounty hunter. Most grognards will recognize any reference to him immediately and he will command respect as an NPC. Just imagine being hunted by Warduke? I wonder what the players did in your campaign to deserve such an honor! 

Hail to the king, baby