Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gamer Bling

This past mother’s day I purchased a Pandora charm bracelet for my wife. For the uninitiated Pandora is a jewelry brand that started in Denmark 30 years ago. The popularity of the brand is due to the level of individual customization which allows you to tell a story. The charms available come in gold, silver, enamel and murano glass with all sorts of variety.  The bracelet is also designed so the better charms are threaded on allowing weight to be distributed evenly to prevent stretching.

The start of my wife's charms
Since our family is all avid gamers my first stop was Thinkgeek which has an amazing array of Fantasy/SciFi charms. The kids helped to pick out charms to get mom’s bracelet started and of course the first on was the silver D20! What D&D player with a Pandorabracelet could be without that awesome charm? 

Those of you looking for a cool way to purchase that special someone alternate gifts during the holidays may want to consider these charms. They are fun, priced right, sterling silver and best of all a conversation piece.  My wife still wants to know where she can get a +5 charm to use during our game sessions. The Dungeon Master will have to mull that one over…