Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Raise the Dead

I have not blogged in what seems an age but for good reason. Most blogs which fail their save versus death are the result of work, family and just life in general. I obviously fall into this category since my blog is covered in the dust of the ancients. 

This summer our local circle of gamers (several dozen of us) will be running our 2nd private CON. It will be a story driven event which combines over three decades of my campaign world. That alone has virtually gobbled up my time just in preparation for the event. However I was able to cobble together an entry for the One Page Dungeon Contest which you will find below. I decided to go with a wacky idea I had years ago which I also submitted to Dungeon Magazine. 

Of course I received a rejection letter which stated my ideas were too outlandish for Dungeon. I was basically told by the editor that they wanted more vanilla adventures which could be inserted into any campaign world. I live outside the box so that of course left me with a raised eyebrow. Alas, was it Asimov who had his apartment walls covered in rejection letters? I often think of that as inspiration. Nevertheless below is a very condensed version of the original idea:

I was going for an old school feel with my blue map and title play on words. The adventure has to be system neutral hence the lack of mechanical information. I just found out this year about the contest and Alex Schroeder, et al deserve a big salute for putting it together. 

In other news a friend of mine and regular in our gaming group, Daniel Ireland went to Reapercon and scored a Bronze Medal for his entry. I just wanted to give him some extra kudos because I know how hard he worked on this miniature (the picture does it no justice).

The miniature is based on one of the characters in our epic 4E campaign known as Grimm.