Friday, May 24, 2024

Zine: Lead Beans & Bacon

Some time ago I purchased Frontier Scum by Den of Druids. It's a wonderful game about wanted outlaws making their mark on the lost frontier. It uses a slightly modified Mork Borg engine and is very rules light. I was so inspired by this game, being a western aficionado, I dipped my toes back into making zines. 

I present to you Lead Beans & Bacon Vol. 1

This independent production features eight rare firearms for your Frontier Scum to either find or purchase with their fistful of silver. It also contains alternate and specialty ammo that follows the same idea. Finally, look over chuckwagon meals your character can cook to become invigorated and the various drinks to throw back at the saloon or on the trail. 

FRONTIER SCUM is © Den of Druids.