Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Portable Cloud

Rare wondrous item (5th Edition)

This slightly damp cloth, created from an unknown porous material, unfolds into a circular sheet. When tossed into the air and the command words cumulo nimbus are spoken, the cloth seems to vanish, replaced by a large mass of liquid droplets.

Property: You must use an action to activate or deactivate this magic item. A portable cloud hovers up to 20’ high in a stationary position and covers a 10’ area completely. Magic rain water falls constantly in the aforementioned space which is only stopped by deactivation. The water is clean, cool and safe to drink by anyone.

Any non-magical fire underneath a portable cloud is automatically extinguished in a 10’ space. This includes even a pool of lava which will congeal into steaming stone. A magical effect such as a Wall of Fire will develop a 10’ opening as long as the portable cloud remains in place.

Non magical fire based attacks entering the portable cloud’s area of effect do no damage. However magical fire attacks still can penetrate the effect but suffer disadvantage on attack rolls. Any target subject to a fire attack of any type while under a portable cloud has advantage on all saving throws. Lightning and Cold based attacks against a target under a portable cloud have advantage to attack rolls.

Secret: The portable cloud is powered by the elemental plane of water and is an extra dimensional space. While it cannot be entered, placing a portable cloud inside a Bag of Holding or Portable Hole opens a momentary rift sending those nearby to a random plane of existence.

Coming to a magic store near you.