Monday, June 2, 2014

Dwarven Gear Mesh

These shirts of armor are the extremely rare creation of dwarven artificers. From a distance they appear gunmetal colored with a strange oily hue. Upon closer examination one can see they are actually crafted from a fine metal mesh of miniature clock gears.

When worn the gears immediately start turning the teeth and cogs with precision movement. Once this transmission of energy begins a micro time anomaly occurs around the wearer of the armor. It is said this allows one to see a flash of the future when attacked and react potentially in an advantageous way.

Should a suit of Gear Mesh become damaged it would be nigh impossible to repair. The caveat being the owner would need to find dwarven artificers and pay a steep price. It remains unconfirmed but there are rumors of self-repair kits designed for dwarven nobles which travel outside their earthen realm.

Example Game Stats (5th Edition)

Property: For every enchantment plus of the armor you may declare disadvantage on all attacks against you for one round. The armor recharges this ability after a long rest.

Medium Armor

Price: 5000 GP
Armor Class: 15+ Dex modifier (max 2)
Stealth: Disadvantage (minor hum of armor)
Weight: 30lbs

Legendary self-repair kit