Monday, June 23, 2014

Free RPG Day


For the first time since its inception I did not venture out on Free RPG Day. The last few years I have seen the decline of the event at most FLGS in my area. I was under the impression that the original foundation of Free RPG Day was to help the FLGS. Most establishments complain they must pay for the material and that people just grab and go. What I find laughable however is those same FLGS do absolutely nothing in terms of hyping the event.

In fact last year I stopped by one store in particular and everything was just thrown haphazardly on a table. The clerk working the checkout had his nose buried in a book and did not even say a word to me. At another store the local clique was given first dibs on all the best loot. The worst part was the store owner was happy with his decision to do the latter.

For me the PDF’s made available by the Indie RPG community are what Free RPG Day is now. But alas, this is also why 99% of my buying is online versus brick and mortar. Between stores boycotting the event, and very poorly managed stores, Free RPG Day is becoming endangered in my area. Hopefully it turns around, and some entrepreneur able to think outside the box makes a fun event out of Free RPG Day.

Some of the loot available this year