Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tales from the Game Tavern: Issue #2

Looking for inspiration for your winter game sessions? Tales from the Game Tavern issue #2 is now available for purchase in hard copy and PDF! This has been a really fun project since there little secret how much I love anything Krampus related. The old pagan traditions of the holiday season are just wonderful for table-top gaming. With Krampus becoming so popular this seemed like a perfect time to create this issue. Inside you will find all system agnostic game material. So whether you play BCMI, a retro clone or 5E it does not matter.

The contents of issue #2 as follows:

  • Klergy of Krampus: They know when you’re naughty or nice.  
  • Figurines of Mischievous Power: Four statuettes with a devilish side.
  • The Frozen Man: A bone-chilling terror for your campaign.    
  • Gruss vom Krampus: A mid-level seasonal adventure and hex crawl.
  • Krampusnacht Curios: Twelve minor magic items gifted by Krampus.    
  • Roast Beast Soup: A delicious recipe for the cold winter nights

As you can see there is a wonderful assortment of Krampus related material for your campaign. If you are planning on gathering after the New Year, Gruss vom Krampus is a perfect adventure and story of redemption to run the players through. I hope all of you have as much fun reading and using issue #2 as I had creating it.

Obviously by releasing this issue during the holidays we will be subject to slowed shipping. That being said, if it takes a few days longer to arrive I would ask for your patience. Best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy holiday season. Wassail!