Monday, December 21, 2015

12 Days of OSR Christmas

Today the original cover art of Tales from the Game Tavern # 1 was sent to +Christopher Hardy. Back in November I did a giveaway and he was the lucky roll to receive Smite or Treat. The piece is the fine work of Ike Horton Arts and looks very nice framed as depicted below.

As this will probably be my last post this year I wanted to do one last giveaway! Tenkar’s Tavern is once again hosting the OSR Christmas and I wanted to participate. For background this is a yearly event organized by Tenkar in which items are gifted throughout the gaming community. It’s a really cool thing to do and the spirit behind it is just wonderful.

For my portion of the giveaway I wanted to focus on those gamers that may be down on their luck this season. I would like to send out a couple zines to gamers who could really use some encouragement. Do you know someone who doesn’t get much over the holidays – but always provides for everyone around them? Do you know a gamer that could use a smile going into the New Year?

If the answer is yes, I would like you to nominate them. Here is how to proceed:

In the comments below, please include: (You can also email your nominations to realmofultanya[at]

• How you know this fellow gamer
• Why you feel they should receive this gift
• Please DO NOT include their name. I will follow-up to get that information later.

I will randomly roll to determine three recipients of Tales from the Game Tavern issue #2 (Print +PDF). With Christmas being this Friday, I will probably alert the winners over the weekend. Thanks and best wishes for a wonderful holiday!