Monday, May 20, 2013

Polyhedral Sacred Cow

Polyhedral dice are the sacred cow of the RPG universe. Although I remain a huge fan of Kickstarter and all the fun ideas which emerge from it I have my limits. Between dice rolling apps, jewelry and digital bracers I felt compelled to write this. Although all the former are interesting nothing will ever replace gaming dice. There is no substitute for the clack they make when striking the table!

As a young boy I will never forget my first set of dice from the D&D boxed sets. Some were baby blue, puke green, bright orange or yellow. I had to fill in the numbers with a crayon and it was so much fun. The idea that the dice were shaped like semi-precious or rare gemstones was mysterious and cool. Soon I would find my way to the hobby shop to be awed by the endless sea of colors and choices. And just as some small children collected marbles my dice collection started.

I remember very fondly one summer when the D100 (Zocchihedron) was released. Our little gaming club raced to the hobby shop just so we could all claim one for our collections. Dice have been used in gaming for thousands of years and really are a timeless tool. There is just something about the randomness and tactical nature of holding and casting the dice.

Artifacts of the 80s
The polyhedral sets are so unique to the RPG experience I just cannot imagine not using them. My young son already has a small collection which I have used to sharpen his math skills. I see the excitement in his eyes I once had when we visit the hobby shop together. That curiosity and wonderment is something you will never capture with an app on your IPAD.

I work in technology every day and dice are one of those things I would never replace. Although I may be accused of being a Grognard by the next generation I will never waver. All new gamers should have multiple sets of dice to collect and use with their favorite RPG. Keep playing and keep rolling those dice!