Monday, April 11, 2016

Contest: Guess the gumballs (D20s)!

Yesterday I decided to create an Ultanya Publishing Facebook page. In order to get the news out I think it’s time for a fun contest. Pictured below is the Game Tavern gumball machine. Of course it’s filled with D20s and not gumballs. For 25 cents you can get a new D20 during any game night gathering. This has been a nice resource for some of the chronic 1 rollers in our gaming circle.

The contest will be simple as you just need to guess the correct amount of D20s.

The first correct guess will win a coupon for a free issue of Tales from the Game Tavern, and a set of these cool Tales from the Game Tavern dice!

Contest Rules
  • Guesses on Google+ or Twitter DO NOT count.
  • One entry per person.
  • If you edit your entry it does not count.
The winner will be posted this weekend. Share this with your gaming family & friends!

EDIT: We have a winner, congrats to 
Jacob Kipfer!
This is what 189 D20s looks like!