Saturday, May 30, 2015

1PDC Follow-up

The 2015 contest results are in and overall there is just a massive collection of awesome entries. Admittedly I was disappointed that my own entry did not place this year but do not lament it. I do remain completely perplexed by some choices made by the judges and then on another hand could not agree with them more on others. That being said, I have noticed unproductive negativity bouncing around on various forums following the event. Enough that I felt compelled to highlight something I thought was extraordinary.

I can speak from authority about the sheer amount of logistics it takes to put an event like this together. It consumes personal time, has aspects of frustration, and requires leadership and diplomacy. Most of all the ever critical eye of the internet is cast upon you like Sauron. This is an all-volunteer event which at the end of the day provides us with wonderful home brew material.

For those unaware the current organizer of the event is a nice fellow who goes by the handle of Random Wizard. Last night while perusing my Google Plus feed I saw a post made by Random Wizard that really seemed selfless to me. In order to award all 13 of the 3rd place finishers with a cool prize he sold off some of his personal RPG collection. I just wanted to make sure that this very generous act did not slip by without some recognition.

Finally if you enjoyed any of the dungeons enough to download them reach out to their respective creators. Also remember just because one was not picked by this year’s judges does not minimize its awesomeness. I myself plan to send emails on a few favorites because I want to see their creators return next year. The added benefit being you may be able to learn about other material the author has worked on or has brewing. 

See you in the dungeon!