Thursday, April 2, 2015

Trinket Trove Table #1

I really like the trinket table in the 5E Player’s Handbook. Random curiosities that a player can use to develop some back-story are just a wonderful addition. One of the humorous things about the table are some of the pop culture references on the list such as #35 A white, sequined glove sized for a human. With April Fool’s Day behind us and the spirit of the fun (for some) it generates I decided to make an additional table.

The biggest difference being each of these twenty trinkets has a magical property of some type. They could be used as normal trinkets during character generation or just found as a piece of treasure by adventurers. Game and pop culture references may be easily noticeable in some and harder in others. I had fun making these today and could literally keep going I think all the way to #100. Depending on the response to these initial twenty I may just do that!

Trinket Trove Table #1 (d20) 

01.    A silver ring with the name “Aleena” engraved inside. Spare the Dying as spell once per week.
02.    A wooden bear toy that screams loudly when in the immediate presence of fire.
03.    A blanket which makes you invisible but only when you are snoring.
04.    A lucky rabbit’s foot with a “Made in Caerbannog” label. +1 AC versus diminutive creatures.
05.    One sock riddled with holes which attracts vermin when worn.
06.    A comb that randomly changes the hair color of anyone using it once per day.
07.    A small obsidian rooster which crows loudly at dawn. Only heard by the current owner.
08.    A picture amulet showing an opalescent blue altar. Provides lighting resistance 1/day underground.
09.    A small demon idol with red crystal eyes that glow when in the presence of reptiles.
10.    An ugly perfume box which releases monster pheromones once per week.
11.    A blank coin which progressively weighs more and more in the vicinity of gold.
12.    A dull spoon engraved with the name Heartseeker. Critical on a 17-20, 1d2 damage.
13.    A pair of obnoxious dragon tooth cufflinks. Wearer compelled to act haughty in public.
14.    A crystal cube with light trapped inside. Squeeze to illuminate a room for 1 round a day.
15.    A rusty old fisherman’s hook which becomes a grappling hook when near water.
16.    An antique wooden box engraved with a forest scene. Fills with chocolate treats once a week.
17.    A strange mechanical eyestalk. If peered through see twice as far but speak in a staccato delivery with rising inflection for 1 hour.
18.    A tiny skull themed toy castle with a hinged jawbridge. Inside are 9 miniature mundane weapons which expand to normal size if removed. Can be replaced after a long rest.
19.    A tiny adamantine box of curiously strong mints. Refills every week.
20.    A crumpled piece of parchment with an inked grid. Can be written on and then erased if crumpled again. 1974 charges remain.

Need trinket ideas? Visit your local antique shop for inspiration!