Thursday, April 16, 2015

Magic Pillow Table

In one of my current campaigns we had a rather comical moment when the party found a plush yet simple red pillow. There was a tug of war between my wife’s character, a 14 year old thief and Tanya’s character which is a Brixie ranger. For reference in Ultanya a Brixie is a brownie/pixie mix which resembles a Kender in terms of personality. The red pillow has become a running joke now with the players in that campaign. As I was preparing our next Roll20 session for this weekend it dawned on me that a table of magic pillows may be fun to make. So without further ado I present you with an arcane collection of cushioned support for your players to find.

Magic Pillow Table (d10)

1.    A plush pillow with a silky red cover. Any creature of young age or small stature will be inexplicably attracted to this pillow. Sleeping on the pillow grants the user 1XP as they learn from their experiences while dreaming. Useable once per week.

2.    A stone burial pillow (10lbs) originally placed under the head of a mummy. If slept on gain knowledge to the location of an ancient tomb but make a saving throw versus mummy rot. Additionally the user of this pillow will experience ongoing nightmares about being paralyzed yet awake during a horrific embalming process.

3.    A soft kneeling pillow used during prayer to some forgotten god. Interaction with the pillow causes the character to permanently speak in tongues at random times. A cleric or someone learned in ancient history may be able to decipher some of the ancient dialect. Remove Curse will ameliorate the issue but leave the character plagued with broken memories of the past.

4.    A beautifully carved jade headrest with arcane runes. With eight hours of uninterrupted sleep the user gains +2 to their intelligence for one day. Unfortunately if the sleep is interrupted they suffer -2 to their intelligence for one day instead.

5.    A comfortable pillow which appears to be designed for a child. Stitched into one side is the name Nodwick. If slept upon the user will not require any rest for 1d6 days. However this comes at a price as small fairies will extract 1d6 teeth while the user sleeps. 

6.    A big decorative pillow ordinarily found in the home of a noble. If placed in a space no larger than 10x10' it will transform the area into a comfortable sleeping chamber. The temperature will be perfect, the lighting conditions dimmed and noise baffled. Anyone inside the space will have their perception reduced by half.

7.    A white cozy pillow filled with owlbear feathers. If slept upon there is a 25% chance it will produce 1d6 similar pillows. If this occurs anyone within a 25’ radius will immediately become compelled to pick one up and engage in a pillow fight. This humorous rage will not end until the last pillow is burst of all feathers.

8.    A large, high-backed pillow with two "arms” used for reading. The magic of the pillow allows the user to read any text in half the normal time required. This includes studying a spell book to commit magic to memory. However this will leave the user in a state of exhaustion for one day with -2 to all constitution saving throws.

9.    A lavender scented eye pillow crafted from an unknown but extraordinarily comfortable material. If used during a period of rest the pillow comforts the mind cleansing it of any madness just once. There is a 50% chance any pillow of this type found will already contain a madness which is immediately transferred to the new user. The pillow then turns to a pile of purple dust. 

10.    A silvery cushion which sparkles in the moon light and always feels cool to touch. When used the owner will hear the whispers of the fairy king while they sleep. In the morning the cushion will produce a small crystal which contains dreams which may be watched. There is a 5% chance per hour slept that the dreams belong to a prior owner of the cushion. The crystal vanishes once the dream sequence has ended.

Having an all-night game and need some DIY thematic pillows?