Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Candy Hearts

Candy hearts have always been a guilty pleasure since I was a kid. Who did not enjoy passing these out at school and laughing at the goofy sayings on them? The little heart shaped sweets have been around since 1866 making them a real Throwback Thursday item. Necco produces literally billions of candy hearts every year for our confectionery consumption. 

There is several easy to use online tools which allow you to generate your own as an image. To piggyback off my most recent Valentine’s Day post I thought it would be fun to create some tabletop related conversation hearts.
Last year dice shaming became a very popular thing to do. In fact there is even entire are Tumblrs for it. I propose for the month of February we do something similar with conversation hearts and RPGs. So if you feel up to it go ahead and get creative with the hashtag #rpgcandyheart