Friday, September 28, 2018

Review: Tome of Holding

In a hoard of gaming accessories, it is hard to stand out in the crowd. I think Alex Ingram has done just that with the Tome of Holding Kickstarter. I waited to post my review until after I had an opportunity to use this crafty tool during a game session. It did not disappoint, with the consensus this is an amazing product.

First, let us talk aesthetics though, as the Tome is a gorgeous piece. I am personally a big fan of anything crafted from wood at the game table. When playing RPGs, it is another thing to help with immersion.

Crafted from cherry, maple or walnut, this is a just beautiful. The inner pages are lovingly fitted with dice holding slots (LOTS), a rolling tray, and even a small space that could serve as a dice jail! Other options include adding a pencil slot. All of these areas are lined with a nice red or green flocking, with a charcoal version a stretch goal!

The tome is approximately 8” high and 5” wide closed. Perfect for transport to your favorite gaming venue. Even when fully opened, it does not take up a premium amount of table space. 

All the carving is meticulously done with routers designed by Alex during his RPG Coasters campaigns. You can read my review of those here and here. I am a big fan of this style as you see enough from a distance to become intrigued. Then when you pick up the product all the details become apparent. For this reason, I believe everything Alex crafts to be wonderful conversation pieces.

The construction of the Tome is really well done. Everything fits together seamlessly and it looks like a book. The magnets…WOW are they strong! It takes a couple times before you get the gist of opening the Tome. However, rest assured; even if you dropped it from a great height, it is not inadvertently opening!

As I get older, quality is something that is more important to me. I want things that will last, things I may even pass down to someone else. The Tome of Holding definitely fits that category as a beautiful gaming heirloom.

The hinges are very sturdy.

Alex is using magnets +5 on these!

This is a great addition to any gaming space.

The Tome is a perfect conversation piece.

The Tome looks great on any shelf!

The Kickstarter is currently live and funded. With an estimated delivery of July 2019, this may be the perfect present next year for that gamer that has everything. Check it out!