Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tales from the Game Tavern: Issue #3

Spring is finally here and the faeries have started to awaken after the long winter. The tales involving the wee folk are very popular around St. Patrick’s Day. Whimsical, and often very dangerous, faeries are perfect for gaming inspiration. In this third issue you will find a complete adventure and supporting material. What you won’t find is any gold at the end of the rainbow. Unless of course you catch a leprechaun! As always, the entire issue is RPG system agnostic. So whether you play BCMI, a retro clone, or 5E, it does not matter.


  •     Ecology of the Redcap: Murderous wee folk that haunt ruined places.
  •     Sídhe Fungus Gardens: Strange fungi and bacteria of the faerie mounds.
  •     Crock of Gold: A drop die table for use in your campaign.
  •     Mr. Tweed’s Spectacles: A mid-level adventure involving a leprechaun.
  •     Beer Bread: They will be begging for it every game session.

Thematic material is always fun to use at the game table. As you can see from above, this is a complete game night package. Furthermore, there is enough supporting material to use this issue as the kickoff for a small sandbox or additional game sessions. Are you looking for something with Celtic or Irish overtones for your March gatherings? Then your quest is completed!

Part of the included adventure, Mr. Tweed’s Spectacles, involves magical glasses. These need to be printed, cut out, and assembled for players to wear during the game session. Alternatively, if you are having a St. Patrick’s Day party and need fun glasses, look no further! These are perfect for kids and adults alike. The template for the glasses are offered here free to download:

Treasure Cheaters

Finally, we will be doing a giveaway for one new set of Gamescience Emerald Gem Dice. How do you win them? Well besides the luck of the Irish, you need to wear a pair of Treasure Cheaters and post a picture of yourself. Then of course tag me in the picture (On Google with +GrandDM or on Twitter @Grand_Dm) and you are entered in the giveaway. You do not need to purchase a copy of the zine to enter the contest, but your continued patronage is greatly appreciated. The deadline to submit your pictures is April 5th, 2016. I will then randomly select a winner with the roll of a trusty die.