Wednesday, November 5, 2014

5E Background: Techlore Sage

In my own campaign there was a realm changing event which heralded pieces of other worlds falling into Ultanya. Several of these worlds were indeed alien in nature and strange devices and curios have been found by the players. With the release of the 5E Dungeon Master’s Guide preview on alien technology I thought this was a perfect time for a new background. If you enjoy magitech and gonzo themes in your own games then this may be a background for you!

Techlore Sage

You have studied alien devices and technology from other planes of existence for years. Your evidence while sometimes anecdotal has not stopped your tireless review of the subject. You intend to prove to those that remain skeptical that there are other forces at work in the multiverse beyond the arcane and divine.

Skill Proficiency: Intelligence (Arcana); Intelligence (Investigation)
Tool Proficiency: Artisan Tools
Languages: Pick any 2
Equipment: Artisan’s Tools (hand tools), set of study clothes, technology notebook, magnifying glass headband, a belt pouch containing 15gp.

Feature: Alien Technology Expert

While others may find curios and devices of alien nature complex you instead are fascinated by them. Your cerebral research allows you to understand alien technology on a deeper level than anyone else. Because of this you never need to roll to determine the complexity of a simple item (such as a cigarette lighter, calculator, or revolver). You also only need two successes to determine the properties of complex item (such as a computer, chainsaw, or hovercraft).

Suggested Characteristics

d8 Personality
1.  Inquisitive: You wish to understand the inner workings of all alien technology and treat every found device with excitement.
2.  Explorative: You believe alien devices are the portal to new worlds and intend to design experiments to test that theory.
3.  Persistent: You are determined to never be stymied by the most complex alien technology.
4.  Creative: You believe the best way to understand alien technology is to develop your own.
5.  Analytical: You intend to record every iota of alien technology evidence you find for future study.
6.  Rational: You see no connection between arcane or divine magic and alien technology and intend to argue it until proven otherwise.
7.  Humble: You think the best way to end superstitions about alien technology is to share all your knowledge with those willing to accept it.
8.  Open-minded: You do not pretend to understand the complexity of all alien technology. Therefore you are willing to always investigate free of bias.

d6 Ideal
1.    Helpfulness: I want to use alien technology to make life better for everyone. (Good)
2.    Control: Alien technology should be carefully distributed and used in a controlled way. (Lawful)
3.    Freedom: Alien technology cannot and should not be controlled hence the name alien. (Chaos)
4.    Power: I believe that alien technology should be harnessed to defeat my enemies. (Evil)
5.    Inventiveness: I want to find ways to use alien technology in my everyday life. (Unaligned)
6.    Recognition: I want to be known as a leader in my field. (Any alignment)

d6 Bond
1.    I have been secretly hired by a wealthy individual to locate a cache of alien technology.
2.    As a child I recall a home world of alien technology. I must find this place again soon.
3.    Another Techlore Sage got me started and I owe them a big favor because of it.
4.    A friend of mine has a curse magic cannot cure. I intend to find alien technology to help them.
5.    I believe my body is just an alien host. I must find the truth behind this and my lost memories.
6.    Inside an alien device I found was a consciousness. I agreed to complete a task for the entity.

d6 Flaw
1.    I will go to dangerous lengths to not leave potential alien technology behind.
2.    I often grow angered when alien technology is destroyed by others even accidently.
3.    I cannot help myself from hording alien technology that I or others find.
4.    I will spend any wealth I have on acquiring alien technology so it can be studied and used.
5.    My interest in alien technology often clouds my thinking to the potential detriment of my group.
6.    I will exaggerate my expertise on alien technology if it leads to a potential find.   


5E DMG Alien Technology preview