Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Haunted Treehouse

This is my entry for this year's one page dungeon contest!

I have been preparing for a summer convention and admittedly spent less time then I would have liked creating my dungeon. But as most DMs know when that light bulb moment happens you have to get to work immediately! 

I wanted to go outside the comfort zone when creating this adventure. A tree house is a rather innocuous thing that is often part of the background noise of life. Unless there is something particularly interesting about it (or if you have kids) they generally go unnoticed. This short adventure is rather macabre since it involves essentially a murder scene and mystery wrapped into one.

I left it open ended on purpose so any DM can easily drop it into their campaign as a side trek or major villain sneak peek. Additionally there is plenty of room to flesh out the town it exists in, local NPCs, additional rumors and maybe other clues. If you are on the lookout for a fun Halloween adventure to run your players through this may be for you.

In closing I just wanted to say best of luck to all the other DMs who took the time to share their one page dungeons with us. And finally thank you to the organizers and judges for keeping the contest alive.